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Arwes is a web framework to build user interfaces based on futuristic science fiction designs, animations, and sound effects. The concepts behind are opinionated with influences from Cyberprep, Cyberpunk, and Synthwave, and productions like Star Citizen, Halo, and TRON: Legacy. It tries to inspire advanced space and alien technology. See Purpose.

The project defines a set of UI/UX guidelines, uses many inspiration resources, and it is delivered as a collection of packages.

This website,, shows the work in progress of the documentation for the project latest version which is under active development at main branch with the packages @arwes/[package] with major breaking changes from the previous version. It is still in alpha release, so the components are being tested and their API may change as it gets completed.

As it is now, the website has a simple layout until the first beta version is released and the components can be properly implemented in this website.

The project is not fully open for sustancial contributions yet until the first beta version is released and the project guidelines are finished. But you can follow the development in Discord and Twitter. For more details, read FAQ and Roadmap.

The playground application intends to show the project APIs in a live environment so the developer can test the main functionalities and components use cases in JavaScript (not available in TypeScript) for both development and production environments.

The project has a working version with the package arwes v1.0.0-alpha.5 and the documentation with the website Check out the source code at version1-breakpoint1 branch where you can find the components and the website. This package was released in February, 2018, and it is now deprecated.